Best Materials for Flat Roofing


Best Materials for Flat Roofing


If you’re looking to do a roof repair in Queens or Brooklyn, there’s a high likelihood your dealing with a flat roof.  Most roofs in Brooklyn are flat, and a large percentage of building in Queens are flat roofs.  Because of this, you as a homeowner need to become familiar with some of the different types of flat roof material that are available to you, and most importantly, which materials are best for your flat roof.

Insulation vs. No Insulation

When replacing a flat roof, most roofers in Queens or Brooklyn will present you with an option of installing insulation under the roof.  This will help you keep warm air in during winter months, effectively lowering your heating bill.  It certainly isn’t a necessary component for a flat roof, but it is one that could potentially save you on your heating bills.

When choosing insulation, there are different types in thickness/quality.  The standard insulation that most contracts use is made of a polystyrene foam, usually 1/2″ to 1″ thick.  There are higher quality options that vary in density and R-value (insulation measure).  Be sure ask your flat roof contractors for all the details of the product they are offering as it relates to cost, R-value, and longevity.

There’s never a cut and dry answer as to whether you need insulation or not.  It depends a lot on your situation, the age of your roof, and the cost of you heating bills.  If it’s a possibility that installing insulation will save you over the long haul, it’s a good idea to install it.  But remember, it’s never a NECESSARY component to a roof.

Modified Bitumen Cap Sheet

The most popular and probably the most economic way to repair your flat roof is to use a modified bitumen cap sheet.   This a waterproof membrane that gets rolled out across your roof and sealed at the seams to prevent any water entering through the roof.  It is long lasting, durable, and doesn’t require a lot of work to install.  You can easily add layers on top of one another, and prevent the headache of doing a full tearoff of existing materials on the roof.  This is a great option for those looking for a quick and painless flat roof repair.


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