How to Evaluate a Roof When Buying a Home

How to Evaluate a Roof When Buying a Home

When buying a home, especially an older one, making a detailed inspection of the roof will help you avoid buying a home that’s going to give you some short-term problems straight away. The roof is one of the most expensive parts of your structure, and if you keep your home long enough, or buy a place that is old enough, the roof is going to need to be replaced at some point. So here are the things to look for on or under the roof of the house that you’re considering.


The shingles are the easiest part of a roof to check. Look to see if there are numerous missing shingles, warped shingles, or places where there is a bulge. The roof should have all, or nearly all, of its shingles and they should be flat and straight. The edges should be aligned with no curing at the edges. casino malaysia


The next thing to check is the roof’s ventilation system. A roof with a poor ventilation system can raise your utility bills, especially in the summer months when a poorly ventilated roof will keep the heat inside the home and stagnant.


Drainage will be the next system you check. Look at the gutters and make sure there are no leaks or worn-through areas. A sloppy and clogged drainage system can contribute to one of the biggest dangers to look for in a roof – mold.


Along with poor ventilation, bad drainage can cause major damage to not only the roof but the rest of the structure as well. Mold can spread throughout the home, potentially cause not only a financial disaster, but a medical one as well.