3 signs that it may be time to replace your roof


3 Signs That It May be Time to Replace Your Roof


Your roof is the element of your home that keeps too much sunshine and all of the rain out. You may be led to believe that your overhead covering is okay for the next 10 to 15 years. However, there is always the possibility of premature demise, which means that you may need to hire roofing contractors Queens. Here are three signs that you may need to find a professional to inspect your roof.

1. Moisture and mold in the attic or house

One of the central reasons why homeowners may need to replace their roof before the ten-year mark is because of moisture and subsequent mold. An attic that lacks proper ventilation may cause warm air to rise and get trapped in one space. Condensation is inevitable once this situation takes over the attic. The result of such development is mold, which is heavily hazardous. Unfortunately, a home that is improperly ventilated wreaks havoc on a new roof. You may spot traces of mold even if you have replaced your overhead covering less than three years ago.

2. Granules in the gutter

It is not uncommon for granules to be present after having a new roof installed roofers Queens. You should not, however, see these particles in your gutter five years down the road. Granules keep harsh elements such as extreme sunshine and heavy rain from getting to the base of the roof. It is only a matter of time before you need a new overhead once these particles have been stripped away. You should contact a specialist quickly if you notice granules in your gutter. It may be the case where you can invest in a shaped or flat roof repair Queens. The opportunity to fix instead of replacing may not be available if you wait too long to address the issue.

3. High energy bills

Surprisingly enough, a high energy bill may be indicative of a deteriorating roof. You should consider hiring a roofing specialist to inspect things if you notice the cost of utilities continues to rise.

Do not wait until you see the sky to contact a roofing repairman. Call us today for a quote!